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When it comes to you or your loved one’s safety, Bathcrest’s patented “Walk-Thru” insert is simply the smart choice. You get a safe and inexpensive solution in just one day without demolishing the entire bathroom. Cost to you depends on what your existing tub is made out of. Many retirement communities and assisted living facilities are opting for this conversion.

The Walk-Thru converts your dangerous bathtub into a safe walk-in shower in a matter of hours with no demolition and no mess. 25,000 accidents occur in the bath and shower area each year.

By converting your bathtub into a Walk-Thru shower, you reduce that awkward bathtub barrier (a 14-inch step that sometimes seems like a mountain) to a safe, easy step of a few inches.

The Quick Tub Door can convert that shower right back into a bathtub in a matter of seconds. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of safety without losing the functionality of your bathtub.

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Do you want a bathtub or shower pan resurfaced quickly and efficiently that will last for years? Are you interested in saving money in the bathroom remodeling process? Contact Bathcrest of Denver for the solution to all of these questions plus more bathroom remodeling advice.

Bathcrest of Denver is fully licensed and equipped to offer you professional resurfacing services. Whether you need repairs or refinishing, or handicap access, we're here to help. All you need to do is give us a call and we'll take care of the rest.

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